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Marieke ♥
11 October 2010 @ 06:09 pm
This journal is ....

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Marieke ♥
23 October 2007 @ 08:35 pm
Hi there!

I've been a bad girl. I downloaded the new Doug song 'Ignorance'. I've been a bad fan =( But hey; I'll buy the greatest hits album, the upcoming DVD, the calender .. enough buying ;) And I bought the Motion in the Ocean album and then I bought it again, just because there was a DVD with this time xD.
I think the new Doug song rocks the hell outta here. Only the screaming part isn't so .. hm... can't the words. The lyrics are good, Dougie's voice is beautiful, but a bit high, and Danny sounds like always. It's mature, but not better than Silence is a Scary Sound or Tranny. Those were very good. Maybe I'll have to learn with the screaming part. They said the new album is gonna be different, like Danny said: It's gonna be a monster. Well it's really gonna be a monster to me! =D
OH! And I found a different version of Sorry's Not Good Enough - the bedroom version. Look it up on YouTube. The words are a bit different, but it's fun =D

I'm feeling sad, maybe I have a winterdip. I'm cranky, moody and I don't want to to anything. I did this test on a website (a doctors website) and it came out I'm having a depression. But maybe it's coz it's winter. Coz in another test a winterdip came out. =( I need some McFLY. A big dosis of McFLY always works when I'm sad. OR listening to the BSB's album Black&Blue or Never Gone. 
So I'm listening to the BSB, Westlife and McFLY. They just help me out =D It's gonna be alright, I'm feeling it .. somewhere deep inside.  

Well tomorrow I'm gonna drive to Paris, with my mum and dad, to the Louvre. You know, the big museum in Paris. I'm so gonna see the Venus of Milo. <3 I love Greek mythes, so I love the Venus of Milo too. Dunno if it's actually Greek anyway ^^, 
I'm busy typing stuff, this is an ridiculous entry xD It doesn't make sense. 
So I'm finishing the chapter of my story in Word and I'll go and upload my mobile, my camera and my iPod coz it's a long way to go to Paris!

Big x's and big o's!
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Marieke ♥
09 October 2007 @ 06:56 pm
Hi there!

Look what got with the mail today!

 And did everybody heard the song Ladies Bra's? It's SO funny, especially when Danny kinda covers it ^^,
And Dougie finally heard the Dougie Song, which I totally love.
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Marieke ♥
03 October 2007 @ 02:50 pm

as I promised I would post the videos from 29.09. Unfortunately not all the videos are uploaded yet.
Here's their Life in Music thingie. 
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Marieke ♥
30 September 2007 @ 01:06 pm
Hey people!

This was the programme on MTV HITS last night.

8pm - McFly's Hits Takeover
- It was totally cool. They talked about their favorite videos, Danny started to sing "Vibe" Dougie called Blink 182 his influence on starting a music carreer. Lovely.
8:30pm - McFly's Life in Music
- Well, basicly it's the same as their "Takeover" you couldn't see when they switched shows ^^,
9pm - McFly: Up Close and Personal
- It was only the first two episodes. But they're different than on YouTube. All their musicvideos are in those episodes =S So it's longer and cooler that on YouTube. And it was uncensored! Danny's ass on a 50" Tv! =D
10:30pm - McFly's MTV Hits Awards Nominees
- Well they said some stuff about the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and they said the names of the nominees and their videos were shown. It was fun.
11pm - Top 5 (McFly pick their favourite videos) -
I didn't saw this, coz my mom turned the TV off. =( But it's probably on YouTube soon.. I hope so.

I just saw "The Heart Never Lies" three times on the TV, in three hours. Tom said he started to write the song behind his piano, thinking of the band. So it's basicly based on their own lives. "Another year over, and we're still together."
If Harry was the songwriter it would be: "Harry's so cool, I wanna be like him." ^^"

I heard the "Umbrella" cover. it sounds really rock'n'roll.

They make the song less irritating than Rihanna. The quality is really bad, so I hope the studio version comes soon. 22nd October is far away, but it would be worth the waiting. And I'm curious to the "Ignorance" song. I wonder what it's like, another Dougie song. Yay.
By the way; Dougie cut his hair. Finally. I thought he looked good with the long hair, but it's better short -> like in the Tranny-video. That was sweet. 
Anyhow: the official McFLY shop. Did you see all those things? It's SO awesome. I want that Tour Book. Or a T-shirt, but the girly ones are pink. Urgh. I hate pink, I really do. Eventhough it has McFLY on it, I hate the colour pink. The design it cool though. 
But the Dougie Strip Pen is THE BEST! Coz Doug's my fav member... 0=) 

xo and peace people! Ruby.
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